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Nik and Jel Construction.

Bespoke house build in Purley

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A reliable team of builders working all across Essex and London.

We're professional, competent — and we will always quote you a keen price.


Nik & Jel Services has quickly established a well-deserved reputation for the provision of efficient building services in Essex.

Based in South Ockendon we serve clients throughout the county and all across London.

We provide proper quotations at the outset, high quality workmanship and we complete your project on-time, as promised and on budget.


Reliable Essex builders.

We appreciate that builders have a bit of a reputation for being unreliable. Maybe you are a little apprehensive about committing to a large building project.

Nik and Jel have worked hard to establish a good reputation — to separate our company from the run-of-the-mill builder.You can read about our

Code of Practice HERE.


Quality building.

We maintain the highest standards of craftsmanship. Every aspect of the work commands our renowned attention to detail.

Even at our keen prices, major building work can be costly. You can be assured that we build to last.

Everything we do is built to stand the test of time.


Happy clients.

We promise we will quote you a fair price for the work.

We won't talk up the job or try to talk you in to work that is not necessary. Where possible we will give options to choose from. There is often more than one way to do a job or fix a problem.

Talk to us at the outset — at the pre-planning stage of a project. We can suggest the most effective approaches to consider.

Kitchens in Barking by Nik and Jel Services.

Where space is at a premium and budgetary constraints important, with a little imaginative thinking we can bring that extra panache to your project.


Nik & Jel...

Not your average builder!

Kitchens in Barking by Nik and Jel Services.

We carry out all kinds of building work — large and small contracts — extensions, rooms-in-roof; basement conversions, paving, windows & doors; external and internal remodelling.

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Tel: 07500 557061

Tel: 01708 361949

Your helpful and friendly local builder

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